14 Men

Where DO these Fine Men come from?

That’s a very good question.

Surely they must come from another planet and infiltrated Earth to see what sets a woman’s heart to flutter, and sometimes you do have to wonder . . .

But in all seriousness what makes a man fine is really a matter of personal taste. The fact remains, however, it is possible to recognize a Fine Man when you see one. There are
14 very fine men in the 2011 Fine Men Pink’d calendar and after working with them for more than 40 hours in a four day period, it’s safe to say . . .

I know a fine man when I see one.

Cover Man, Erick Miller

one fine man, Erick

As the photographer for the Fine Men Pink’d photo shoot, I have to say the spirit of the 14 men that grace the pages of this calendar is amazing! The end result is not just a sexy male calendar, though these 14 men are certainly sexy, but they and the calendar are more than that, much, much more. If anything I would describe it as the perfect guy calendar because early on I realized . . .

These truly fine men are generous, charitable, conscientious, and willing to step up for a good cause.

Raising money for women with breast cancer is the purpose of the Fine Men Pink’d calendar and the 14 men on this shoot donated their time for just this reason. These guys are NOT professional models they are gentlemen. Most of them were not accustomed to or even comfortable with being photographed. Some of them were even a little shy but all of them were sincere, generous with their time and interested in giving to this worthwhile cause.

One fine man, Isaac

one fine man, Isaac

While it is obvious that they are all very handsome, each of these 14 Fine Men are more than a pretty face (and a hard-body) because each was able to put his pride and ego aside as he stepped up and moved out of his comfort zone for women with breast cancer. Each of them did so with grace and style.

These men truly care about people and they wanted to make a difference.

Some of the men in the Fine Men Pink’d calendar have a personal connection to the disease because they have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with cancer. Others simply wanted to help in the fight against breast cancer, and so they said yes when they were approached to pose for this calendar.

(As an aside; this disease will personally affect way too many of us in our lifetimes ~ one in eight women on this planet will get breast cancer. Think about that for a minute, 1 in 8 women is a very large number!)

Because they care about women, these 14 men agreed to be photographed for Fine Men Pink’d. This may be the single most admirable quality of a fine man and bears repeating:

Fine men care deeply and genuinely about women!

You may not realize it but a lot of time and energy goes into planning a photograph and some of the shots are more difficult than others. A subject can spend hours with the photographer to get it right and posing for a professional photograph is not as easy as you might think.

In the bath with Sean

one fine man, Sean

Take the bathtub shot for example; it took quite a bit of confidence and more than a little courage just to get into that tub.

Can you imagine? Our Fine man, Sean, was practically nude in a small, hot room with two strange, older women (Me and Renee) for over an hour!

Good thing there was a duck to play with and a cigar to enjoy;-)

Thinking about the bathtub shoot makes me smile for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is because I took photographs of four men that day. The guys were coming and going and in most cases they met each other for the first time there, and three times I heard, “Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not you. I would not want to be in that bathtub.”

Fortunately there was a cooler with cold drinks for the men (read: beer) and in no time Sean’s inhibitions subsided.

With or without beer Sean was amazing to work with—good-natured, patient, a lot of fun the entire shoot. I took close to 200 photographs to ensure that we captured the perfect shot and Sean had great energy the entire time. It was a challenging shoot to be sure and no easy task for anyone, I assure you.

To summarize then, and in addition to being good-looking, these 14 men are Fine because they are generous, charitable, conscientious, willing to step up and they care about women.

Incase you’re curious, all but one of the calendar men live in Colorado. (Is there something magical in the water there?) And for the record, 35 men applied to be one of 14. Each applicant had to submit 2 photographs as well as an essay about what Renee’s Friends Fund (RFF) meant to them and why they wanted to volunteer.

renee's friends fund

Renee, founder of the fund, Laura Miller (Project Manager) and several board members selected the final 14 Fine Men based on their responses as well as their photographs.

Most of the men submitted the applications on their own but a few were strongly encouraged by wives or friends. Erick Miller, our cover guy, was spotted in a sauna.

(Erick’s recollection of this story is slightly different—read An Okie From Muskogee for his side. Laura’s version follows here.)

Laura, the Project Manager, and her husband Ron attend the same gym as Erick. When Laura saw Erick in the sauna, she was a bit tongue-tied and unable to put any words together. She tried to get her husband to ask him to apply, but he was unwilling at first.  As they left the sauna Laura asked Ron why he didn’t approach Erick. Ron responded, “Why didn’t you?”  They agreed that if they saw Erick again, Ron would ask him to submit an application to be in the calendar. The following week Erick was in the sauna again and Ron broke the ice with, “So, what do you know about horses?”  Laura stepped in and said, “Let me help my husband out here. I am working on a project for Renee’s Friends Fund and we think you should apply . . .”

As it turned out Erick’s mother is a breast cancer survivor and he was very interested in posing for the calendar. Henceforth the women on the board and other RFF volunteers affectionately refer to Erick as Sauna Man.

Seems the gym is an excellent place to find men who take good care of themselves, which is another common and important characteristic of Fine Men Pink’d.

How many Fine Men have you seen lately?

A few of them are highlighted on this site and you can learn some details about them here. If you purchase a calendar, however, you can see all of them whenever you want for the next year and help women with breast cancer at the same time.

It’s a win win for everyone!

Thank you for your time,

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